A deep red heart pulsates on a background of iridescent patchwork coluors. This glitzy glows with s strange appeal. It brightly captures the viewer's attention, despite looking like a lurid bithday card. Dine's roots lie in Abstract Expressionism . evident in his loose, free brushwork. He sometimes used real objects such as lawnmowers and toothbrushes, which he would attach to painted canvases. He often emphasized these objects with painted shadows, or would write the name of the object beside it to draw attention to its everyday existence. Dine has experimented with a host of different styles and media, but is best known as a prominent figure of American Pop Art, a movement characterized by its irreverent use of familiar and banal images. His 'heart' series of paintings, executed from the early 1980s, are said to represent the artist's personal expression and his belief in the ability of paint to convey feeling.


The eccentric, severe-looking journalist Sylvia von Harden is portrayed with the essential accoutrements of a cafe society woman - a gilt chair, a marble-topped cafe table, elegant Russian cigarettes and a glass of Spritzer, the most fashionable drink in Berlin at the time. A feeling of tension and suspense is created by the use of vibrant colours, while a sexual element is hinted at by the stocking slipping down the journalist's leg. Considered to be one of Dix's finest, this portrait encapsulates the decadent glamour of Germany's Weimar Republic. Its harsh almost grotesque portrayal of its subject makes the painting an excellent example of New Objectivism ( Neue Sachlichkeit ) , Dix other renowned paintings form a protest against the horrors of war, and they often depict working people, cripples and suppressed by the Nazis. He began to paint again after the second World war





偏心,嚴重的前瞻性記者西爾維亞·馮·哈登被描繪為一間咖啡廳社會女人的必備裝備 - 一個鍍金的椅子,大理石面的桌子的咖啡館,優雅的俄羅斯香煙和汽酒,最時尚的飲料一杯在柏林的時間。緊張和懸疑的感覺是通過使用鮮豔的色彩創造,而性元素被放養滑落了記者的腿暗示。認為迪克斯最好的之一,這幅畫像封裝德國魏瑪共和國的腐朽的魅力。它的主題,其幾乎苛刻的怪誕寫照使得繪製新客觀主義(的Neue Sachlichkeit)的一個很好的例子,迪克斯等著名畫作形成對戰爭的恐怖抗議,他們經常描繪勞動人民,削弱和被納粹抑制。他開始第二次大戰後再次油漆